Case Study - Australian Dollar / U.S. Dollar (AUDUSD)

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Australian Dollar / U.S. Dollar (AUDUSD)

(1D Chart 08 Apr '20)

Please see the chart on the left. Note the circles at 0 level and 0.382 level green line.

After the two green lines are printed confirming upward movement in price, we usually look for price to come and touch the Macro Wave to place our buy trade. In this case, we noticed that the low of a Grey candle (marked on screen) was above the Fast Wave Red line which signalled to us that momentum is strong. So in such circumstances, we initiate a buy trade above the Grey candle.

Pattern worth looking out for

When you scan your watchlist, the above pattern is one that is worth looking out for initiating a buy trade.

Questions? Please contact

Questions? Please contact