Case Study - Alphabet Inc. (Googl)

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Alphabet Inc. (Googl)

(1D Chart :: 29 Apr '20)

Please see the chart on the left.

The first indication that price is likely to go up is given by the green line at the '0' level. Second indication is given when a green line is drawn at the 0.382 level.

A green triangle marker is shown when a candle's low touches the Macro Wave Red Line. The system marks only the first touch. Usually a buy trade taken above the high of the marked candle gives good results. The stop loss may be placed at the Macro Wave Blue Line below the marked candle.

We have observed that buy trades taken after Green line signals are drawn on the chart usually have high probability of success with very low risk.

When the first touch of a candle low takes place, it is a signal worth watching for a probable buy trade opportunity.

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