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PriceCatch Trading System

PriceCatch Trading System is a Long trades only (buy trades only) trading system with clean, clear and intuitive dual pane chart.

Clean Chart. Clear Signals. Consistent Profits.

In order to consistently make profits from the Markets, you need a system that gives you an edge. A system that's easy to understand and implement. A system that makes you follow rule-bound disciplined approach to trading. PriceCatch Trading System is all that.

By using PriceCatch Trading System and by following instructions, you will begin to see better results and more profitable trades.

Features & Benefits


PriceCatch for all markets

PriceCatch Trading System works with all markets - Equities, Futures, Options, Forex, Cryptocurrencies and Commodities.
If can plot the price data of your instrument, then PriceCatch Trading System can be used.
Sophisticated charting platform

PriceCatch Trading System runs on the platform. You need to have an account (Free account is also fine) on to use this system. If you do not have an account in TradingView, please follow the link below to create one.

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Zero Cost, Zero Risk, Free Trial

PriceCatch Trading System is trialware. Upon request, access will be given. You can then try the System for 15 days to see if it works for you. With the paper-trading feature available in Tradingview, you need not risk your capital while trying PriceCatch Trading System. Once you are convinced, you can opt for our very affordable subscription plans.

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