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A typical set up

Typical Chart

Most Traders add multiple indicators on their charts and expect that the indicators will work in tandem and provide signals to help them take profitable trades. But more often the charts get cluttered, confusing them and they miss out on good trades or get into losing trades. Because this is the way most traders set up their charts, their actions are predictable.

No wonder then, that so many burn their capital and abandon trading activity in disappointment, frustration and failure.

If your chart is also cluttered, then its time to shift to the PriceCatch Way.

The PriceCatch Way

PriceCatch Chart

PriceCatch is a solution to Traders looking for a trading system that is easy to understand and implement. PriceCatch is for those traders who want clear and actionable signals. For the Traders who don't want to burden themselves with mastering numerous indicators out there, PriceCatch is the answer.

With the PriceCatch Trading System, you are expected to know only the fundamentals of what Japanese and Heikin-Ashi candles are, have basic knowledge of how to read a chart, time-frames and that's it - you'll be able to do fine. PriceCatch hides complexity under the hood while presenting you with Chart that is easy to read and a set of rules that help you trade with confidence.

Let others clutter their charts. You focus on your trades with PriceCatch Trading System.


  • Clean, clear and intuitive dual pane chart.
  • Runs on world's leading charting platform -
  • Sophistication in simplicity.
  • Easily usable by traders of all levels.
  • Usable in all Time-frames.
  • Helps in taking a long position at the right time with low risk.
  • A Fast Wave and Macro Wave show price movement with clarity.
  • Heikin-Ashi Candles and trend following colour coded candles help in keeping you in the trade longer.
  • Auto Fibonacci and harmonic levels give information on different support and resistance levels to help you manage your trade.
  • Alert System for timely notification of trade set-ups.
  • Well documented user guide to help you get started smoothly.
  • And much more...


  • A comprehensive system
  • Decluttered chart helps you focus on the action better.
  • By using this System, you will stop searching for trade opportunities and will wait for the System to identify them for you.
  • Well-defined rules for trade entries, management and exits.
  • Helps in planning your trades better. You will exactly know your risk and potential reward before you even take a trade.
  • Gives you low risk trades when momentum has not yet picked up, thereby opening scope for high profitable trades.
  • Clear set of rules prevent you from emotional trading, revenge trading and curb gambler's mentality.
  • Systematic, repetitive actions based on signals are designed to help you gain trading expertise with confidence.
  • Free paper-trading facility available at helps you to acquire expertise with PriceCatch Trading System without risking real money.
  • And much more...
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PriceCatch Trading System is trialware. Upon request, access will be given. You can then try the System for 15 days to see if it works for you. With the paper-trading feature available in Tradingview, you need not risk your capital while trying PriceCatch Trading System. Once you are convinced, you can opt for our very affordable subscription plans.

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